Born: Indyamarie Jean Pelton

             December 7, 1993 (age 23)

            Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.


Ethnicity: African American, Cuban, Cherokee


Occupation: Model - Wardrobe Stylist - Hair Stylist - Designer - Song Writer


Years Active: 2011-present


Agencies:  Wilhelmina - Los Angeles , 

Aperture Talent - Los Angeles



06/2015 : Signed to Aperture Talent

Booked Jobs:








02/27/2017 : Signed to Wilhelmina Models


Fenty Puma

Maven Car share


Forever 21

Personal Life:

Indyamarie Jean, born December 7th, now 23 years of age, has made big waves for herself and her very bright future. At the Age of 16 indyamarie started taking modeling seriously. Having had worked her entire young life just to provide for herself, she had the right ambition and Determination to make it. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Indyamarie prided herself on being a tough and strong minded woman. At just 19 years old she started designing her own jeans and started styling. Although Indyamarie has been styling hair since she was 17, she was more into fashion after high school. Even though she has told her fans of her good times, there are always nightmares with dreams. Around Age 19, she began selling drugs and became unaware of the effect this would have on her mental and emotional state. At age 20, indyamarie became addicted to xanax. Having left school and quitting her jobs, she decided to give up on her dreams of ever becoming a model. after indyamarie's 21st birthday, she decided to turn her life around and change the negatives. Now indyamarie is over one year sober. Throughout 2015, she was modeling, styling and aspiring to act more than she had ever done the years before. Her best, most Viral , most famous work, was done in 2015 and has been indyamarie's best year yet. In december she launched her accessory line "MarieJean Accessories", and sold out within the first 24 hours of her first release. In January of 2016, Indyamarie had hosted more events in one month, than she has within the last two years. Along with her social media and designing accomplishments, Jean has also worked for brands such as intel, apple, samsung, sprite, coke and puma. With her career and Endeavors, indyamarie is sure to Conquer and dominate. 

MarieJean Accessories: 

MarieJean Accessories was an idea Indyamarie had after moving to california. in late 2015, Jean noticed how much attention her personal Jewelry was getting via social media post, and took the love from her supporters and created an accessory line.Starting out with gold diamond bracelets, Jean wanted the Aesthetic to be classy, rare and timeless. Not knowing how successful her accessories would be, she put them up for pre-order and was Astounded by the Volume of orders she had Received within the first 24 hours. Thinking selling out in one day is uncommon for accessories, indyamarie decided she would become dedicated to making this one of her main priorities and officially made MarieJean Accessories another one of her many talented passions. Only wanting to sell no more than 500 items each release, marieJean Accessories is Extraordinarily limited, and that's what customers love the most. After releasing her first accessory, the 'Princess Bracelet' December 22, 2015, Jean saw a demand from men as well and soon after promised that every accessory from then on, would be unisex. Going on almost one year since creating MarieJean Accessories, Indyamarie has Cultivated and excelled with this line.