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MAY 2016 , FAN PIC :

Indyamaries newest youtube tutorial :
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Indyamarie wanted her supporters to know that they are so much more than just the word "fan." She wanted to make an entire page on her website, dedicated to teamindyamarie , and the supporters who love her. Indyamarie wants #teamindyamarie to know that she notices everything and loves every single person who wants to see her be great.
"I want to change the meaning of the word fan. A supporter is someone who is there for you through up and downs. Someone who went through hard times with me, ride or die. I love every single supporter so much, and they are more than just fans to me, without my supporters and #teamindyamarie, i wouldn't be as strong as i am today." 

- Make sure to keep an eye out on this page , ! Indyamarie is always looking for positive things from supporters to post ! Your comment/mention could be on here one day ! -


                                          FAV FAN PICS :

Everything you guys make for indyamarie, she loves. posters, letters, fan stuff. it means the world to her. she values every single person who believes in her and wants her to succeed . 

  • New Youtube Video On Indyamarie;s Channel :
"Having men support me or tell me they are inspired by me, means more to me than anything, because thats a huge step in equality for women i think."

"Having men support me or tell me they are inspired by me, means more to me than anything, because thats a huge step in equality for women i think."

Even though She can't reply to a lot of her Direct Messages on social media, Indyamarie see's them when she can, and appreciates every single positive message !


Although Indyamarie has done video interviews and tries to UPDATE her Fan Q&A

page that she has made, she wants #Teamindyamarie to stay updated. Here are some

questions that have been asked by #Teamindyamarie that needed to be answered!

For , there are accessories, photos, a bio and now an INTERVIEW.

Even with many sources to find the answers, indyamarie prides herself on making 

her website a priority for her supporters. 

more work from this young soul very soon.



Indyamarie creative directing the shoot for her "Snake garden chain" by Mariejean Accessories, AVAILABLE may 22. 

Indyamarie Fan Pic 7/16
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